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The answer of Industry 4.0 needs

ContrALL is a remote control system for collecting company data. Enables companies to be more efficient and flexible through new ways of integrating information, applications, systems, and devices.

Thanks to ContrALL your business will be able to:

  • Reduce the risk of halt and possible repair costs;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Perform the automatic and scheduled activation of the maintenance process;
  • Maintain the highest levels of the production plant.

Digital evolution with ContrALL

Recovering data automatically and controlled

Digitizing information translated into “smart” data stream

Automatic and localized identification

Reliable process control

Data stream history

Graphs and tabulations of the information collected

Alerts activations

Applications to any system

How ContrALL work?

ContrALL consists of three interconnected elements:

  • ContrALLer: hardware that is installed on-board machines on the monitored systems has analog and digital inputs, relay outputs and LAN ports;
  • ContrALL Panel: the software management and monitoring systems, configurable according to the user’s needs and the specificity of the application;
  • Server to save data.

ContrALL needs a wired LAN on the machine to send data to the server.

Application example

ContrALL can be configured for any type of industry

Responsive design

The system management and monitoring software offers great flexibility in configuration. One of the main strengths of the ContrALL Panel is the ability to build a configuration that meets customer needs and application specificities. The responsive design and therefore adaptable to the different technology supports used by the customer.

Free on-site inspection

A team of specialized professionals is available to analyze the needs of your business and to make a free lookup.
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